Cucumba, the beverage of the Pure

Hi there fellas! Let me explain to you how I fell into this: I have always loved the magical freshness and crispness of a cucumber. I think that cucumbers truly have the electrolytes for you to be more hydrated than just normal plain water. Hence, my Cucumba water might have the power to keep you healthy, while still delivering an amazingly delicious beverage 🙂

The most important step, as always, is to pickle the dill! More on this later

The cool logo

The slogan of the movement:

Pickle the dill, chupamelo, I got the Boule Boule!

I don’t drink no milk, I just got the Poulet Poulet!

Fry me some rice! Sugar and spice! It feels so nice I do it twice!

Gimme a shekel! No need to finagle, I need a bagel!

Bagels and Lox, take off your socks cuz this s**t rocks!

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Feel free to check out my blog of crazy adventures, and as always, let’s go ahead and pickle the dill!

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