Noodlehead racks (tete de nouille)

Pickle the Dill, because Noodlehead Racks

From the founder of the Pickle the Dill movement
The mascot of the noodlehead racks (tete de nouille) movement

Hi there fellas! Do you noodle? Whether you like to admit it or not, everyone noodles around a bit. So, I decided: why not make the noodle productive?

At Noodlehead Racks (Tete de Nouille), we have every type of noodle that you will ever want or need. Italian noodles (spaghetti), Chinese noodles, Japanese noodles, Vietnamese noodles, vegetable noodles, vegan noodles, and more! Instead of you needing to work for the noodles, here the noodle works for you 🙂

So, what are you waiting for? get your noodle fix at Noodlehead Racks!

Some of the noodles that I make. Just an example

The slogan of the movement:

Pickle the dill, chupamelo, I got the Boule Boule!

I don’t drink no milk, I just got the Poulet Poulet!

Fry me some rice! Sugar and spice! It feels so nice I do it twice!

Gimme a shekel! No need to finagle, I need a bagel!

Bagels and Lox, take off your socks cuz this s**t rocks!

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Feel free to check out my blog of crazy adventures, and as always, let’s go ahead and pickle the dill!

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