Living Frugally

Everyone thinks that living frugally is tough, that living frugally limits your freedom, that you should only live frugally if you need to. What if it could be proven that living frugally not only makes you happier, but also allows you to experience more in life? Living frugally definitely does not mean stop going out and having fun. However, living frugally does mean that you know how to maximize every penny that you spend, and that you are money-conscious.

Yes, you can still go out with friends. However, try to go to a cheaper bar/club, or, even better, have relations with the owner/bartender so that you can ask for a discount often. Yes, you can still enjoy activities and workshops. However, check for the Meetups in your area, maybe some workshops are amazing and free to attend. Yes, you can still drive in your car. However, you will try to fill up your car only at the cheapest gas station in the area. or the app are great resources for this.

Hopefully, by now you get the point. Yes, you are willing to spend money, but only on things that matter. You are money-conscious, and are always looking for a good deal. By living frugally, hopefully you learn to appreciate the value of money, and the best methods to save the buck instead of spending it. Let’s be honest: making money is incredibly difficult, however losing money is incredibly easy. For example, I impulse bought a $400 leather jacket on Black Friday last year. Yes, it was an incredible deal since the jacket is valued at $700, but I found myself not wearing it much. I decided to sell the jacket on FB Marketplace, for $600. The leather jacket was still an incredibly good deal compared to retail price, and it took very little time for me to sell the jacket. So, check all of your belongings, and ask yourself: do I really need this thing?

The trick to get a bunch of free/discounted stuff on Amazon

I did say that living frugally does not mean that you can’t enjoy the awesomeness of E-commerce. However, instead of buying the 1st product which pops up on Amazon, you do some research and get the cheap/discounted stuff on Amazon. The best resource I know to get free/extremely discounted stuff on Amazon is to use rebatekey. It really does work, and I do get paid back 30 days after my purchase! Click here to get started

Also, if you are buying on Amazon, depending on the vendor you can buy the product from their website directly, usually at a 20% discount or more. Be aware that 50% of products sold on amazon come from 3rd party vendors, so in many cases you can get in touch with the vendor directly and get incredible discounts.

Feasting like a king, while spending $20 a week per person

Yes, this is possible. It takes effort to know how to cook these dishes and make them delicious, but $20 a person should be more than enough if you know how to prepare the right dishes/ingredients. I will not lie: the diet requires eating less cheese and meat, and increasing the consumption of vegetables, beans and rice. Before you go call me vegan trash or say that without meat it is not a meal, the reality is that meat and cheese are more expensive than vegetables, beans and rice. So, my advice is for you to start learning how to extract the most flavor possible out of the fewest, cheapest ingredients out there. There is actually a cookbook which will help you understand how to make delicious food, with only $20 a week! Click here to learn more.

Getting the frugal mindset

No, it is not easy to adopt a frugal mindset. The reality is that making any changes is hard, and rarely can be completed immediately. People will generally gravitate towards what they already know. However, you can take these steps which should help you develop a frugal mindset:

Change your news feeds: this is the most drastic change, and you probably don’t even know that it is happening. Your FB and Instagram feeds are optimized to give you content which will get you into an impulse purchase. If you start following entrepreneurs, money saving channels, and overall subscribe to better news feeds then the information that these apps will feed can start to be productive and actually be good for your brain, instead of destroying it. This is definitely the toughest thing to change, because you don’t know what is causing you those feeds in the first place. Own the news feeds algorithm, and you will start having better, more informative news feeds,

Find activities that don’t cost too much money: Having fun does not need to cost a lot. Yes, depending on where you live activities are more or less expensive. But, overall there are always cheap activities out there. One of my favorite activities recently is simply enjoying a nice walk. Yes, I moved to Mexico, but the point still stands. There is always a cheaper alternative. Instead of meeting all of your friends at a bar to drink, why not drink at someone’s house, or in a park or something? Yes, there are those silly drinking laws, but finding a way to drink beer in public unnoticed is pretty fun to me. Usually, a beer koozie is enough! If you live in a strict area and your house is too small to invite guests, then yes, a bar does make most sense. In this case, then try to sneak a few beers into the bar, perhaps? Just an idea. Another method to spend less money at bars is to order a glass of water with your beer. You will be drinking and peeing just as much, but likely spending two times less. Again, just an idea.