The Side Hustles

Yes, everyone wants a side hustle and make that extra bank. It would be great to have an extra $1k at the end of each month, no matter how rich or poor you are. The real question is: how do I get this extra $1k from home, without needing to work too hard? Don’t worry, we pickled the dill for you, so that you can be sure which side hustles to avoid, and which ones to dive deep into.

The immediate $$$ CASH BONUS

I will do my absolute best to keep this list as updated as possible, but basically many banks will give you free money, just for opening an account with them! Some are simple to unlock the bonus, others more complicated. Regardless, all give you that FREE cash money, and that’s what we care about! If you know of any ridiculous promo deals like these, feel free to share, and remember this is my FAVORITE way of making passive income, as it requires little to no effort. Yes, I do open and close many bank accounts, but it is perfectly legal, and the promos right now are INSANE

The links:

Sofi: open an account with Sofi, deposit $500, and BOOM a $50 bonus comes your way! Click here to get started

One Finance: a lower entry point than Sofi: after you get $250 in direct deposits to the account, boom $50 coming your way! Click here to get started

Chime: this one is also pretty low entry: cashapp yourself $200 to the Chime app, and boom $50 coming your way! Click here to get started. Don’t have cashapp? Click here and get $5 for downloading cashapp!

There are many more bank accounts and credit card churns which are possible, but they change constantly. Email for the most up to date into on credit card churning/easy signup bonuses.

The basics: investing/swing trading

Yes, many people see investing as gambling or just losing money, but that is probably because they have no idea what to look for/how to invest. Investing can definitely be a gamble, if you treat it as such. If you go into any trade without a clear entry and exit plan, you may have already lost part of the battle. I seriously recommend you find your favorite trading guru, and follow his plan/ideology. My personal two favorites are Tim Sykes and ZipTrader youtube channels, very comprehensive and offer amazing value for FREE.

For beginners, Robinhood is nice just because it has a simple interface. Sign up here! Remember to use my link if you want a FREE stock just for signing up! That is legit free money right there.

For you more advanced traders, I recommend Webull, it has a more comprehensive interface and is very professional. I also like how it is fully cusomizable, and still offers free trading capabilities. Click here for one (or more) FREE stocks when you deposit $100 or more into the trading account! You can pull the money right out, and still get that sweet bonus.

Now, for the super high-level traders, I can imagine that your side hustle is trading, and that you have researched the topic thoroughly. Nevertheless, Interactive Brokers, although expensive, is the most comprehensive, high-tech stock brokerage platform out there. Your shares are always top in line to get filled, you make that $$$ and it’s worth the price, if you know what you are doing. The only hiccup is, you will need $5k minimum to open an account with them, so I think this is for very serious traders/investors.

The work from home hustles

The first question is: do you want your own side business, or do you want your own side hustle?

A business is tough: you will work many hours and even spend cash sometimes, without any guarantee that you will make money. However, once you make it in your business… the sky is the limit. If you are the work hard play hard type of person, then this option is probably for you.

A side hustle might not have as much upside as a side business, but the returns are usually more or less guaranteed. This is great when you have a skill which is in high demand. The only downside is that you will tend to exchange time for money, but if you get paid well per hour, then that is not a problem at all. So, what kind of person are you?

My recommendation is actually to do both: have a side hustle, and work on a side business which can hopefully someday supplement your income for good. The goal should always be to have a successful business at the end: eventually, you could be able to outsource most of the work, and have others doing all of the work for you! But the path to a successful business tends to be long and tedious, so just be prepared for that.

For side hustles: the best is probably by putting the skills you already have to use on Upwork and Fiverr. People will pay you for your skills! Either hourly or per contract. The idea is that you will know how much you are getting before even starting the job. Check what at types of work are most in demand on those sites, and it may give you a good idea what types of skills you will want to learn next!

Another great way to find home side hustles is through the Steady app. It shows all of the quick work that can be done in the area or from home, which is nice and practical. You can also answer surveys on survey apps, like Dscout. I like Dscout because it actually pays decently compared to other survey apps. It is just so hard to get qualified for a study… so be careful with this one.

For starting an online business: there are so many options out there. Developing a course on Coursera is pretty fun, if you are into that. You can buy and sell stuff on FB marketplace and Craigslist, make a quick buck. You can offer services online, or in person. If you have a truck, you can start a moving service, for example. However, for the digital nomad life, your options are slightly less varied. You will make more money if you sell to people with money. Dropshipping and Amazon FBA achieves this. Starting a Youtube channel achieves this. Starting an email marketing program achieves this. Trading stocks and crypto achieves this. You have many options out there, so do some research and focus on 1-2 things max. Yes, you can start multiple businesses, but there is the risk of you getting spread out too thin, and not achieving anything great. I will share some of my favorite business ideas:

Writing your own book: self-publishing has never been easier. Thanks to Amazon publishing, you can publish your own book with no money upfront! Yes, Amazon takes a large commission of your sales, but they will also distribute your book to whoever is willing to buy it. So overall it’s worth publishing on kdp. Get started here

Writing your own blog: Similar to writing your own book: you just write about topics which interest you, and once enough people start reading your blog you can start monetizing your blog in many different ways. The hard part is making sure your blog appears in Google searches. I am no expert in SEO but Youtube is my favorite educator. I am sure that if you are dedicated to the blog idea and enjoy writing, this will work great for you.

The more personalized courses

So, you got the cookbook, but are still hungry for more? Please, feel free to book a one on one session with me!I am more than happy to advise you and consult you throughout your tough endeavors 🙂 I consult on countless topics, from restaurants to healthy lifestyle, as well on how to operate a successful business.

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