The cool products

So, there are a MILLION cool products out there, but which one makes most sense for you? I am here to help you out.

Of course, you want cheap, but you also want everything you buy to last a long time. This is why this page is dedicated to saving you time on the internet: I help you find the best products, so that you don’t have to look for them!

To start: the entrepreneurial experience that you need

I know, it is true that anyone can be an entrepreneur. There is no correct style of type of entrepreneur, as long as you are successful at the end. However, there are a lot of common first time mistakes which entrepreneurs tend to do, and this course will help you avoid those mistakes and eventually become a successful business owner, just like me! For 10% off the course, just use this promotion code: RFRE1

ALSO: If you need some cool CBD products, here is the best website that I found! super pure CBD oil!

The more personalized courses

So, you got the cookbook, but are still hungry for more? Please, feel free to book a one on one session with me!I am more than happy to advise you and consult you throughout your tough endeavors 🙂 I consult on countless topics, from restaurants to healthy lifestyle, as well on how to operate a successful business.

It is very easy to get in touch with me: just contact me through instagram, @rex_in_thecity or leave a comment on my website!