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Jan 17th, 2021: Man, let’s be real: not enough blog posts going on here… if someone could remind me to post at least once weekly, it would be greatly appreciated! Anyways, happy new years to all! Was a strange new years, but hey we always make the best out of any situation am I right? So, I spent new years in Mexico City! The city was as dead as any other city out there, but it was still nice to watch the fireworks. After having spoken to a couple of locals, one realizes that now is perhaps the worst time to visit CDMX in the past 150+ years… there is just absolutely nothing going on. You escape LA hoping for a better situation, just to realize that the place you are going to is just as bad! The lesson here: never complain. Just like in LA, make the best out of your situation. CDMX is still an amazing place to be. Even when everything is shut down, parks are open. Food stalls are open. The weather is nice. I am coming to realize that there is nothing left to do during this pandemic, except getting your butt to work. Work harder than ever before, so that once the pandemic blows over you will have financial freedom to do whatever you want, anywhere. That is after all everyone’s dream, right? Now, there are far less distractions than you will ever have, so just work and get stuff done. I personally just signed up for coding classes at Le Wagon in Mexico. Gonna learn Data Science. Wanted to learn coding in Ukraine, but visa in Mexico was just so much easier to get. Also, my Russian is not good enough to learn coding in Ukraine yet! Luckily, I have a very good level of Spanish. Wanted to do Argentina, but again visa issues. We all need to learn to be adaptable, myself included. So, the main message: don’t give up, stay strong, and continue to get stuff done! I pledged to finish my cookbook before the coding bootcamp starts in Feb, the issue being that I have been having trouble finding inspiration for recipes. Still, that means that I am not looking for inspiration! I need to spend more time in markets, observing what I could potentially add to a dish, what ingredients I can use, and from there hopefully amazing results will happen. Hoping to give everyone a promising update in the near future!

October 21st, 2020: The census job really came and went, in many ways! Now, I am done with the census job. It was good, now I have savings and can go anywhere in the world. The real question is, where? Most countries are blocked off, as I have been desperately trying to get into Taiwan for the past 6 months with no luck. All of Europe is shutting down again, I don’t even know where to go… at least I am having fun coding this cryptocurrency. Watch out for Ramen Token, when it is officially released!

August 12th, 2020: Wow, life goes in many different places. You never know where you will end up. I finally went back to work in July, as the restaurant reopened, just to see myself lose the job almost immediately. Why? Because I broke my finger. Nobody can cook with just one hand.

So, here we are, jobless again. So, what to do? More trading! More Russian! I opened a crypto trading account and have been very successful at it so far, very curious to see how long I can last. I also started learning Chinese on this app called HelloChinese. The world is insane eh?

I also got a job working for the US census bureau. who knew they paid so well! 25/hr, best pay in my entire life. It is great to see how disorganized the government, and how well I get paid for my simple job. I hope to make a post about the entire enumerator experience soon.

Beyond that, please, check out my merch website, and let’s go ahead and Pickle the Dill!

May 24th, 2020: It has been a while since my last blog post… for many reasons. Essentially I got involved in many strange projects and completely forgot about my favorite project: Pickling the Dill.

So, now I am learning Russian. This will be the 5th language I can speak. Russian is fun, because it uses French words and German words. So I have somewhat a base for the language already.

I also started selling products online, as an online Entrepreneur. Feel free to check out – it is developing slowly but surely. Someday, I imagine this will be a hit, as long as I put enough work in it

I got into the stock market. Very active on it. This is just a super volatile and crazy time to invest. Really fun. I created a groupchat and we all share our favorite stock picks of the day. By empowering each other, we all come out on top. People in my groupchat are seeing a lot of success, so please email me at if you would like an invite to the groupchat. I can also get you 2 free stocks if you join Webull, a broker with 0 COMMISSIONS and has some pretty amazing stock analysis tools:

But, as I mentioned before, do not worry! I am completely still 100% involved with the Pickle the Dill movement. I have been creating some fun swag and merchandise for Pickle the Dill, so feel free to check out my poster! Many more on the way, hopefully soon

March 20th, 2020: Wow, this Coronavirus thing is crazy… Still in Los Angeles, and the situation is only getting worse… Some people say that 56% of the entire population will get it… This virus is no joke. It does not play games.

So, the governor of CA anounced today that nobody should leave their home, as an effort to reduce the spread of the disease. I have no idea if this will work. One thing for sure: the shortage of TP is insanely intense. And there is not much to do about it.

Luckily, I have found a solution to this toilet paper shortage. It is an invention which existed even before the invention of toilet paper. What is it? Of course, the bidet!

Look how sparkly your behind will become with such a device!

Get your bidet today, here! ; I promise that you will be thanking me when you realize that you will basically never need toilet paper, ever again. This is a crazy time and I want your behind to be as shiny as it can be. Only a bidet can achieve such results

November 27, 2019- Jan 19, 2020: Cooking again! in Los Angeles! I work at Flower Child now, a huge healthy food place. What is interesting about this is I am learning a lot. What is extremely nice is that the restaurant group just got bought out by Cheesecake Factory, so the potential for growth in the company is ridiculous. So much room for growth. I hope to get a promotion, very soon!

The uniform at my new job!

After Houston, I had this great idea of attending Yeshiva in Miami, at Yeshiva Miami Torah Ohr. Great memories, Miami is a very holy place. The proof of its holiness is that it is next to so much trash. The proof of that is that Miami’s #1 source of income is fraud. Next to the most sinful places, there is always also a bunch of very holy people who help reduce the sinfulness through their prayers and way of living. The Chabad headquarters in Florida is in South Beach, Ocean drive with all of the crazy clubs is in South Beach as well. The fact that I witnessed a murder even though the man who killed her could have killed me, proves how holy this place is.

Simply put, Miami is a very special place!

July 1-7, 2019: The tragic truths of getting a drivers license in Texas

So, I have been living in Houston for almost a month now, and one of the most essential skills to have here is to know how to drive. So, I need to apply for a driver’s license in Texas. However, I do not know how to drive at all yet, so first of all I will need a learner’s permit. This means I will need to deal with one of the worst government buildings of all time: the DPS (Department of Public Safety). In most states, this is called the DMV, but for some reason in Texas you go to the DPS to get this done. So, you go online and you check which DPS is nearest to you, you set up an appointment, and you apply for a learner’s permit. Sounds simple, right? Trust me, it is not simple. I had to go to the DPS 3 times before I was able to get my learner’s permit. First of all, you need all of these documents before you can apply: ID, social security card, filled out application form, Certificate of Driving test (can be done at the DPS or online from a school, for a fee), certificate of Texas IMPACT video courses, and finally a proof of address. This is all fine, and I understand why these documents are needed. But they MUST be very specific documents. The wait time at the DPS is ridiculous: it is understaffed, and way too many people have to go to them for anything driving related. I am not joking when I say that I got there at 10:30AM, only to get my appointment served at close to around 5PM. They don’t have enough seats inside the DPS, so you literally have to wait in a line outside, in the heat of the Houston sun, before you can even enter the building. Once you enter, you get this number, and then you just stare at the screen until your number comes up. You can’t leave, because who knows if your number will be next? Seriously, the appointment numbers make no sense. You see on the screen A2001, A2002, etc, and also S3001, S3002 etc., and then L4001, L4002, etc, but people can aslo make appointments online. For some reason, every time I tried it didn’t work, but I asked and basically there are only 5 minute per day that the online appointment thing works. There is absolutely no way to check if you have the right documents or not, until you have that appointment. You have one tiny thing missing? OK, get back in line and come back with the proper documents! You really want to be sure to have every possible document there is, and more on top of that just in case. Now, the proof of address was actually the trickiest part for me, since I just moved to Texas. I had to go get an affidavit from my friend, and just say that I was living with him. I feel bad dragging him to the DPS three times, but I am happy that it finally got done.

Now, I can confidently say that I am a Texas DPS pro, and I have every single technique necessary for making the DPS not a living hell. the 3rd time I went was the charm, and I got everything done withing 30 minutes of the DPS opening its doors. This is why I developed a special course on how to handle the DPS. It will still suck to go to the DPS, of course, but with my special course I am certain that at least you won’t want to kill yourself when you go there.

Please, comment on my blog if you think the same about the DPS, or please contact me if you want my special “DPS professional: how to skip the line” package. You can reach me at – I am offering it for only 20 dollars today, and it comes with a special customer service hotline, so you KNOW that you have the best people for the job right at your fingertips!

Feb 23-24 2019: Another death catering!

This time, 8 euros per person. Our budget is a bit better this time, but I am less in charge. I gave the list of ingredients to the producer, and now I am just praying that she buys enough food for the gig… The menu is good so far, so that’s good news! For breakfast: pancakes. For lunch: pasta with pesto or tomato sauce, with a “salade nicoise” as well. The next day: hot dogs with a yogurt dip and crudites, as well as some nice slaw to top up the hot dog. Honestly, everyone thought the food was amazing, so I am happy after all. But gosh, it was a lot of work I must say… check out the amazing results below

Day 1: in the castle

Day 2: in the film studio

Feb 4-5-6 2019: I have decided to accept an impossible catering mission:

With 200 euros, I need to feed around 50 people for 6 hours each day. This mission can be easily possible, if I had the right catering equipment.

What makes this a ‘catering impossible’ type of situation is the fact that I was not supplied with any catering equipment. No bowls, pots, pans, trays, silverware, oven. Only one 2 burner stove. 2 days before the event, I already had to spend 75 euros of my budget on catering equipment, reducing the budget even more. Therefore, with only 175 euros, I have to make enough food for basically 150 people. This food cannot be just pasta and butter, it needs to be delicious and amazing.
Will this ‘catering impossible’ situation actually be possible? Stay tuned to find out what happens next!

Making history happen! Rex just made enough food for 50 people, and very limited resources!
The menu: Couscous, sardine and onion with parsley salad, mac and cheese, potato soup. Incredible!

The incredible catering set up

My Experience working for Din Tai Fung

My article is finally finished! read the DTF experience here: