The cucumber water

Let me explain to you how I fell into this: I have always loved the magical freshness and crispness of a cucumber. I think that cucumbers truly have the electrolytes for you to be more hydrated than just normal plain water. Hence, my Cucumba water might have the power to keep you healthy, while still delivering an amazingly delicious beverage 🙂

The most important step, as always, is to pickle the dill! More on this later

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Cucumba is not ‘just’ cucumber with water. That’s just too simple, anyone could easily make that at home. Cucumba uses the power and the essence of the cucumber to energize and revitalize the body. Through its instense electrolyte properties, you can be sure that you will feel refreshed and re-invigorated. Everything is thanks to Cucumba.

Therefore, don’t wait! Feel better immediately, when you get your Cucumba water now!

To order this beverage, just contact me on instagram at rex_in_thecity

If you want to order this incredible beverage, look no further: just contact me at rex_in_thecity on instagram, I will make sure to make your dream a reality!